Nag english ako, minsan lang.


Ohana means family. Family means no one will get left behind. This be my family appreciation post. No family photo? Yeah right who cares. Pa deep photo. I already moved out of ze parents house, yeah its just me moving out but I am going to post this not to brag about me deciding to be independent but to tell everyone that I am grateful coz God gave me loving and cool parents. They are not just supporting me but they always make sure that I am making the right decisions. I appreciate every bit of attention, care, discipline and love that you are showing not just to me but to the whole family. I love you coolest parents. To my siblings, people might think that my sibs hate me coz they are always posting crazy stuff here on facebook.. But no! They love me to death to be giving me such attention. That’s how we troll oops that how we roll. I love you annoying sibs. I am proud of each and everyone of you. And to everyone who helped and prayed for me while making this big leap. I am indeed loved. More than a week of being alone, still adjusting tho. First goal for 2015 accomplished. Soli Deo Gloria. Greater things are yet to come. Dami ko pang kakaining bigas. Yeah!!! And yaaas Murakami, I agree you can definitely hear silence.


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