If life were stable, I’d never need God’s help. Since it’s not, I reach out for Him regularly. I am thankful for the unknowns and that I don’t have control, because it makes me run to God. -Francis Chan

Lord, thank you so much. You have been faithful. You are, You will always be. Your love doesn’t depend on what I can do, on what I have.. But you have loved me because of who You are. You are amazing and I am still in awe. I have failed a lot this year but You are the one who’s holding our relationship. It was never about me, for me. It’s all for You. Thank you so much for Your undying grace, everyday. Every minute of my life..

I am new always, I have been redeemed. I have learned a lot this year. Lord, teach me to wait, to suffer, to love for Your glory.

The Christian life is not about the good life, but it is worth it. Chisel me everyday, I know its gonna be hard. I need to die everyday, but Lord. I will do it for You.  Im gonna wait till we meet.

Philippians 1:21 For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.


3 Responses to “Rental”

  1. Umaapaw na pagibig ito 🙂

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