Evil doesnt always present itself as evil to us. It’s all mixed together

One cannot fully understand  what one is saved to unless one understands what is saved from. We are saved from the consequences of our sins, which is hell.

Today will be a very productive, busy day.

Currently listening to Discernment by Joshua Harris. Will read the first 3 chapters of Ray Comfort’s God has a wonderful plan for your life. #busy day

Have a wonderful Saturday guys. Enough of the “seeker-sensitive”, “user-friendly” gospel cause there are no such things. We should be straight forward, we should be honest in presenting the Gospel. We should be realistic that Christian life is not the good life. We should be brutally honest that praying the sinners prayer will not save you from hell. We should have the Truth. We should have Jesus Christ, not the other way around. God does not need us, We need God. God is not pleased with our filthy rag lives. Let us please God by taking our cross everyday and suffer for His Glory.


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